DS-1 Dual RV Battery Disconnect Switch


DS-1 Battery Disconnect Switch

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DS-1 Battery Disconnect Switch Dual-Battery Switches WirthCo’s patented knife-blade battery disconnect switches are: Rated 250 amps continuous and 750 amps surge at 12 volts. Easy to install and simple to use. Ideal for cars, trucks, RV’s, agriculture equipment, classic cars, construction equipment, personnel lifts and other industrial equipment (“knife-blade” switches are not intended for marine use). Stops unwanted battery drain. Helps prevent theft, tampering and unauthorized use. Disconnects battery quickly and easily. Improves safety of stored vehicles, RV’s and seasonal equipment (where mice can chew through wires or other factors can cause shorts). Lower insurance rates. Increase “points” for scoring vintage classic cars in competition. Electrical work made easier. Allows use of one battery for accessories while reserving second battery for starting. Selected battery is connected to provide power and receive charging from vehicle; non-selected battery remains idle. Surface mounted.

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