AC/DC Power Control Center

AC/DC Power Control Center

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AC/DC Power Control Center Designed to Satisfy RV OEM Requirements! Progressive Dynamics designed this attractive 30 Amp AC/DC Power Control Panel to fit your electrical installation cost requirements. PLUS, it’s loaded with features you won’t find in many other panels costing twice as much. Check out these features: Provisons for 30 Amp AC main and up to 9 AC branch circuits. Generous wiring space for easy installation – also reduces costly wiring errors. Built-in receptacle strain relief for each branch circuit. Saves over 50% on installation. Space for up to 12 fused DC branch circuits for 12 volt lighting and DC appliance circuits. Accepts rated fuses up to 30 Amp – eliminates auxillary fuse panels for slide-outs and leveling jacks saving you even more money. Attractive design made from durable, high-impact resistant polymers. All 12 VDC branch circuit connections located on outside rear of panel – reducing installation time and costly errors. 12 VDC circuit connections can be either 1/4″ Fast-onĀ® connectors or screw type terminals. High current 12 VDC power terminal strip provides easy connection point for RV battery, converter, slide-outs and jacks. DOES NOT INCLUDE BREAKERS OR FUSE Dimensions Weight: 3 lbs. Dimensions: 13.78″ (L) x 4.25″ (W) x 7.3″ (H)

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Weight 3 lbs