Parallax Distribution Panel 50 Amp AC / DC Fuse Panel

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Parallax Distribution Panel 50 Amp AC / DC Fuse Panel without Door 120-volt AC entrance and 12-volt DC distribution panels… built to last longer with easier installation. Quality components make Parallax AC entrance and DC distribution panels ideal for any RV floor plan. Parallax panels withstand mile after mile down the most rugged roads, maintaining maximum circuit breaker and fuse performance. The fuse clips provide more contact area per fuse, preventing any loosening of fuses which can occur from jarring and road vibration. Pressure connectors rather than screws are used for field connections, making installation faster and easier. ATC fuses offer added benefits, as they operate cooler than glass-type fuses while eliminating nuisance blowing. Fuse panels have been tested with up to 85 amps maximum total load. The model 100 is supplied without a door for concealed installation. 50 amp main breaker included. Up to 12 AC branch circuit. Easy-to-read display panel. Up to 15 DC branch circuits. Specifications: AC Input 50 amp, 240 VAC Listing UL / C-UL Cutout size 18.625″” x 9.25″” DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY BREAKERS OR FUSES EXCEPT FOR THE 50 AMP MAIN. Warranty Terms: 2 years

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