Lyght Power Systems Transfer Switches LPT50CA replaced by the LPT50BRD

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Lyght Power Systems Transfer Switches LPT50CA replaced by the LPT50BRD

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See file download below for wiring instructions for the LPT50BRD and Trouble Shooting Guide for the LPT50CA 50 AMP Transfer Switch 120VAC-240VAC 50 AMPS/POLE70 AMP NEUTRAL Automatic transfer switch Automatically switches from power cord to generator Heavy duty relay assembly will handle 50 amp power cord and up to 12kw generator Transfers two hot poles and neutral simultaneously Generator start up delay is provided to allow the generator to get up to speedUtilizes a micro switch on the neutral relay to ensure neutral lines are engaged before the hot lines Designed with dc coiled relays to reduce hum, and terminal blocks to simplify wire connections Quick and easy installation Designed for oem and aftermarket applications The LPT50BRD is intended for use as an electrical transfer switch to automatically switch multiple sources (from one to another), i.e. switching from shoreline to generator power. The LPT50BRD is primarily designed for installation in conjunction with a generator having a rated output of no more than 12KW and an external power cord having a rated output of no more than 240VAC 1PH 60HZ, 2 poles at 50 Amps per pole. CONTACTORS: General Purpose DPDT 50 Amp relays. COIL: 110 VDC 2 Watts. TIME DELAY: Custom time delay, 30 seconds nominal. Can be bypassed for instant switching. PHYSICAL SIZE: 8 1/2” X 8 1/2” X 4 1/2” KNOCKOUTS: Assorted.WEIGHT: 7.95 lbs. CAUTIONS: Install vertically or horizontally in a dry, accessible areaConsult factory before drilling metal caseKeep covered except during wiring as contactors are sensitive to debrisHi-pot with lpt50brd disconnected or hi-pot on load side of switch.

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