12 Amp Wfco Wall Mount Converter/Distribution Center WF8712


12 Amp Wall Mount Converter Clean

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12 Amp Wfco Wall Mount Converter/Distribution Center WF8712

Power Converter; 8700 Series; Converts 105 To 130 Volt AC To 13.2 To 14.4 Volt DC; 163 Peak Watts; 12 Amp Rating; With Four 30 Amp AC Output Circuit And Four 12 Amp DC Output Circuit; Protection From Short Circuit/ Reverse Polarity/ Over Current/ Over Temperature/ Over Voltage; 14.9 Inch Width x 7.3 Inch Height x 5 Inch Depth; Brown; With Battery Charger/ Distribution Center

12 Amp Wall Mount Converter Clean, constant 12 volt DC power. Nomial 13.6 VDC. Eliminates need for “filter” circuits whether or not the battery is installed in the RV. Reverse battery protection. Prevents permanent damage from incorrect battery hook-up. Automatically Cooling Fan Operates only under high load conditions-normally not during sleeping hours or when power demand is low. More sleeping comfort. Electronic current limiting. Automatically shuts down power during overload or short circuit conditions. Automatically returns to normal operation after condition is corrected. No more hassle replacing fuses or resetting circuit breakers. Fast recharge rate. Depending on battery condition and 12 volt load. Durable performance. Four 12 VDC circuits (one battery circuit). Main circuit and up to two 120 VAC circuits. Metal hinged door with positive locking mechanism. AC Breaker Information: AC Breaker Specification: MAX 20 Amps 120V / 240 V 1 pole or poles. Current Interrujpting Rating Max. RMS SYM. Amperes 10,000 AT 120/240 VOLTS AC. AC Breaker Manufacture: 1: “T & B” Type: TB or TBBD. 2: “SIEMENS” Type: QP DC Fuse Information: DC Fuse use only Littelfuse. Type 257 fuse, Compliance UL 67 DC Fuse MAX. 15 Amps Input Voltage: 120 VAC Frequency: 60 Hz Output Voltage: 12 VDC Current: 12 Amps Charge Rate Up To: 12 Amps

The converters provide 12 Ampere DC output, and a highly reliable nominal 13.6 Volt DC with or without a battery. No extra filtering is required. WFCO’s three-stage battery charging results in longer battery life and is totally automatic. Nominal voltage output modes are a 13.2 Volt DC range “float” mode, 13.6 Volt DC range “absorption” charge mode, and a 14.4 Volt DC range “bulk” charge mode. Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection provides you with further reliability and peace of mind. Every model is designed to comply with FCC Class B, which means that the converters do not cause interference with televisions, radios or other signals. The 8700 Series also brings you the convenience of built-in AC and DC distribution. 30 Ampere main AC breaker and a total of up to three 20 Ampere branch AC circuits can be installed. DC circuits include LED lights that illuminate to indicate open circuits.
Catalog Page: NTP – EL17
Converts: 105 To 130 Volt AC To 13.2 To 14.4 Volt DC
Peak Output Power (W): 163 Watt
Ampere Rating: 12 Amp
Length (IN): 5 Inch
Width (IN): 11-7/8 Inch
Height (IN): 7-1/4 Inch
With Volt/Watt Meter: No
With Short Circuit: Yes
With Reverse Battery Protection: Yes
With Thermal Protection: No
With Battery Cables: No
With Built-In Charger: No
With Fuse: No
Three-Stage Battery Charging Results In Longer Battery Life And Is Totally Automatic
Short-Circuit And Reverse Polarity Protection Provides You Reliability
Designed To Comply With FCC Class B, Which Means That The Converters Do Not Cause Interference With Televisions, Radios Or Other Signal
The Model Also Brings You The Convenience Of Built-In AC Or DC Distribution
Limited 2 Year Warranty

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