UIB series ignitor boards. Model UIB L

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UIB series ignitor boards. Model UIB L These universal 12VDC ignitor boards are certified by Testing Engineers International to meet UL 372 & UL 353 specifications for use in the RV industry. These rugged boards use double sided-plated thur hole technology for added reliability. They are fused to protect the board from short circuits in the NC and Valve circuitry. A two color LED monitors the NC and Valve terminals to let you know when there is power to the board – “GREEN” and when there is power for the Valve – “RED“. These delayed 3-try ignitor boards with 20 second purge cycles and LOCAL flame sense also incorporate an option jumper. Removal of the jumper, for water heater and refrigerator use only, converts the boards to INSTANT fire with a ONE minute purge cycle between the three ignition tries. Large universal ignitor board with post high-voltage connector. Any version over 9G board does not use external sense does it locally on board. 5.10″ W x 3.43″ H Warranty Terms: 3 Years

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