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Super Bio Tabs (10 Each) Waste Digester and Deodorizer for RV’s and Boats

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Super Bio Tabs (10 Each) Waste Digester and Deodorizer for RV’s and Boats Our Super Bio Tabs are a convenient and easy-to-use tablet form of Pure Power, our liquid holding tank maintainer. Pure Power is quickly becoming the holding tank treatment of choice among RVÂ’ers and boaters who wish to safely, economically, and effectively maintain their holding tanks and all related plumbing components. Our advanced solution of 100% biodegradable, non-toxic bacteria and enzymes puts Pure Power in a class by itself. This environmentally friendly formula actually serves to enhance the naturally occurring bacterial activity in septic systems, dump station facilities, and sewage treatment plants. No toxic chemicals. No heavy dyes. No unpleasant deodorizers. Advantages Highly concentrated – only 2 oz. per 40 gallon tank. No formaldehyde. Keeps sensors functioning properly. Works in both gray and black water tanks. Eliminates odors in tanks and bilges. Safe for the environment Additional benefits of using Pure Power Chemical free. The traditional method of treating holding tank waste involves the use of various chemicals to preserve the waste and mask the odors until the tank can be safely dumped. Formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, glutarahyde, bronopol, and quaternary compounds are commonly used to achieve this. These chemicals quite effectively preserve waste by neutralizing the existing bacteria essential to the breakdown process. Unfortunately, these chemicals can be quite toxic to humans and they can cause widespread damage to the environment. The bacteria and enzymes contained in Pure Power actively break down the waste so that it can be returned to the environment in a natural state. Odor control. Many holding tank products contain strong perfumes because the active ingredients are designed to eliminate bacterial activity. True odor control can only be achieved when there are sufficient bacteria and enzymes present to actively break down the waste, thereby preventing the formation of the malodorous gases so often associated with stagnant waste. Economical. Under normal conditions, 2 ounces of Pure Power will very effectively treat a 40-gallon holding tank. This makes Pure Power the most economical holding tank treatment available on the market. On a cost per treatment basis, other brands may be as much as 5 times the cost of Pure Power! Positive environmental impact. The bacteria and enzymes in Pure Power serve to enhance the natural bacterial activity not only in holding tanks, but also in septic systems, dump stations, and waste treatment facilities. Toilet paper. There is no need to use expensive “RV or Marine” toilet paper. Pure Power will break down any household 2-ply toilet paper. Other Uses For Pure Power Unclogs slow drains. Ideal maintainer for septic systems. Eliminates odors in refrigerators, ice chests, garbage cans, bait buckets, & live wells. Accelerates breakdown process in compost piles.

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