KwikLube Spray Grease 12 Cans/Case


KwikLube Spray Grease 12 Cans/Case

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KwikLube Spray Grease 12 Cans/Case A unique aerosol grease recommended for keeping Kwikee RV Steps in top condition. KwikLube changes from a penetrating fluid to a tough, protective grease in minutes. The cured film is impervious to moisture and withstands temperatures in excess of 400 degrees F (204 C). Additives prevent rust and reduce wear. Besides Kwikee Steps, you can also use KwikLUBE on: Hinges + Latches + Bicycle and motorcycle chains + Tools and Machinery + Mowers + Garage doors + Cable and pulleys + Caster and dolly wheels + Awning mechanisms + Car and camper jacks + Sliding tray bearings + Linkages and springs + Hitches and couplers + Marine applications + Leveling Systems.

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Weight 12 lbs