Intellitec 4 INPUT-2 OUTPUT VIDEO SWITCH 00-01009-000

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Intellitec 4 INPUT-2 OUTPUT VIDEO SWITCH 00-01009-000

Intellitec’s Four Channel Video Switcher is
intended for use in selecting the video source for
up to two monitors from four different video
sources. The selection is done from remotely
mounted rotary switches that are connected to
the controller via simple two-wire cable. This
simple switching feature minimizes the amount of
wiring and lessens the mistakes in wiring when
installing the units.
In addition to the switch selectable video source,
the front monitor video output is also controlled by
three positive going signals that over-ride the
switch selection. These inputs can be from a turn
signal, or back-up signal in a motor home so the
front display monitor will always show the most
important video. The turn signal inputs are
configured to keep the input switched to their
respective cameras for approximately two
seconds after the signal goes away. This allows
the pulsing signal from the turn signal to be used
for switching. The back-up signal has priority over
the turn signal inputs.
A 75 Ohm termination is provided for each of the
video camera inputs, which are switched
electronically, and video amplifiers are provided to
drive the video outputs at unity gain into a 75 Ohm
line impedance at standard NTSC composite
video signal levels.
This unit is designed to withstand the harsh
electrical environment of RV and will withstand
load dump and spiking, and the video inputs and
outputs are ESD protected.
The unit is also equipped with diagnostic LED’s
for the Front and Rear Monitor outputs to indicate
which video source is active. Sources and
Destinations are displayed per the table below:
The Control Switch for the unit is available as
Intellitec p/n 00-01009-100 and is a four position
(90 degree) rotary switch, with the necessary
control circuitry, wired to a 2 pin Mate-N-Lock
connector via a 6 inch long pigtail. It can be
bushing mounted to a panel with a 3/8 inch
diameter clearance hole. A Control Switch is
required for each of the Front and Rear Monitor

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