Atwood 36681 Alarm Gas/Lp Combo


Atwood 36681 Alarm Gas/Lp Combo

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Atwood 36681 Alarm Gas/Lp Combo

Atwood 36681 Owners and Installation Manual

Purchase double the protection for your family in one unit with the Atwood 36681 Dual LP/CO Alarm. This unit accurately detects unsafe levels of both propane and carbon monoxide gases using Atwood’s patented fuel cell technology.
Dual power source: uses both chassis and battery power
Flush mount design with loud alarm
12 VDC power requirement.
ETL listed and tested to UL 1484 & CSA 6.19.01 for residential and RV applications
Cutout dimensions 3 9/16″H x 3 7/16″W x 1 1/2″D

This Atwood Carbon Monoxide and Propane (CO/LP) alarm is a sophisticated instrument that has been carefully designed and tested to detect CO and LP build up in a recreational vehicle. Carbon Monoxide and Liquefied Petroleum gases can cause hazardous conditions when found in high concentrations. Both gases are know to be found in recreational vehicles and the proper detection of these gases provides a safe environment for the occupants of the vehicle. This monitor has an operation life of 7 years once installed, the manufacturing date is irrelevant to the lifespan of the detector.

Atwood Mobile Products was founded in 1909 as the Atwood Vacuum Machine Company by brothers James and Seth Atwood.
They expanded the business by developing the “universal rubber door bumper” which put an end to door rattles in early automobiles. The Atwood brothers continued their success in the burgeoning auto business by manufacturing door hinges and seat adjusters.
As travel trailers became popular, Atwood entered the RV market with a trailer coupler in 1936, the screw-type trailer jack in 1949, and surge brakes in 1960. The company grew with strategic purchases of the Bowen Company in 1964, an RV water heater manufacturer; Wedgewood in the mid 1980s, with a complete line of gas ranges and cook tops; and Hydroflame furnaces in 1993—making gas appliances the company’s core product line. In 2010, they enhanced their RV product range by acquiring Fan-Tastic Vent™, a highly recognized manufacturer of performance air-exchange systems. Atwood energized this product line by developing the Ultra Breeze Vent Cover, EZ-Breeze vent, and modernized controls.
In 2014 Dometic purchased Atwood Mobile Products to complement and bolster Dometic’s robust product line.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in