12 Amp, 12-24V 3 Wire Heavy Duty Turn Signal Hazard Warning Flasher

12 Amp, 12-24V 3 Wire Turn Signal Hazard Warning Flasher

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12 Amp, 12-24V 3 Wire Turn Signal Hazard Warning Flasher Sure Power offers a wide variety of fully solid state 24V and 12V Flashers for heavy-duty off-highway, truck and commercial applications. The family of Sure Power Flashers has been designed, tested and manufactured to out perform all other Flashers on the market. For over ten years Sure Power has been designing and manufacturing heavy duty emergency Flashers for the toughest environment. Independent testing, along with extended use of these Flashers in the harshest environments have proven the durability and reliablilty of Sure Power’s family of Flashers to be unsurpassed. This 100% solid state, completely environmentally sealed family of Flashers is designed to surpass the toughest OEM and SAE specifications, and provide a fully featured and fully protected dependable operation. Sure Power Industries has been supplying the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy duty off-highway equipment with the industries most durable and reliable flashers for over ten years. Capable of connecting to either 12V or 24V these 100% solid state units are completely environmentally sealed and encapsulated, as well as being shock and vibration resistant. Sure Power is continually designing new models, including both North American and European versions. Specifications: Voltage 12V / 24V Amperage 12.6A # of Bulbs (6) 1156 12V Flash Rate 80 flashes/minute

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