Underfloor Onan Generator Mounting Kit

Underfloor Onan Generator Mounting Kit
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Product Description

Mounting Kits 403–2689 Underfloor Mounting Kit


Complete kit for underfloor installations.


RV QG 2500 LP

RV QG 2800


MicroLite KV


Travel trailer or fifth–wheel installations must be made in accordance with all applicable code requirements, including ANSI A119.2. (A copy of the ANSI A119.2 can be obtained from the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, 1896 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA 22090.) Refer to the generator set installation manual for additional installation information and important safety precautions. Kit Includes Brackets, hardware and installation template. Exhaust tailpipe not included. 403–2689 Instruction Sheet G–60 Note: For RV application only. This kit is not designed for use in commercial vehicles. All installations must be made in accordance with ANSI 119.2/NFPA 501C. Refer to the proper Onan instruction sheet and installation manual for recommendations and important safety precautions to follow when installing this kit.

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