TRANSFER RELAY/DELAY 15AMP Intellitec # 00-00568-000

TRANSFER RELAY/DELAY 15AMP Intellitec # 00-00568-000
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Product Description

This part is no longer available. It can be repaired with a 90 day warranty. Turn around time is around 4 weeks. Call 1-844-9RV-PART for details.

Complete Overview:

The Transfer Relay Delay is intended to be used in an RV to automatically switch an air conditioner’s power source from shore power to the generator.

Normally the air conditioner will receive power from the shore power input.

When the generator is started, its power appears at the generators input to the TRANSFER RELAY DELAY.

After an approximate 20 seconds delay to allow the generator to warm up, the air conditioner will receive power from the generator.

The Relay Delay utilizes a double pole-double relay to select the power source for the air conditioner.

There are no serviceable components in this unit. If it is not working, replace the entire unit.

This replaces the 00-00331-000 or 00-00331-111 Transfer Relay Delay is housed in a light weight plastic enclosure making installation simple and convenient. The housing for the 15 amp unit incorporates integral cable restraints, eliminating the need for separate connectors. Electrical connectors are made in the box with screw terminals. The cover snaps on and uses a single retaining screw for safety.


Maximum Continuous Carry Current: 15 Amps

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 185°F

Minimum Ambient Temperature: -40° F

Listings: UL and CSA

Air Conditioner Loads 13 Amps

120 Volts AC

60 HZ

Warranty Terms: 1 Year

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