SENSAR II Amplified Directional RV Televison Antenna

SENSAR II Amplified Directional RV Televison Antenna
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Product Description

SENSAR II Amplified Directional RV Televison Antenna

The 75 ohm Sensar RV3090A antenna has built-in amplifier and unique circuitry that gives you clear VHF/UHF reception whenever you park your RV. Raise, lower and rotate the Sensar II antenna from inside your parked RV. It’s easy to install and extends only 4" above the roof while traveling. The antenna can be elevated to 40" above the roof line, and is bidirectional — it must be pointed toward the TV station you want to watch. It must be used while the vehicle is parked. The Sensar antenna is made of tough UV protected Centrex® polymer and other materials that are corrosion resistant.

Sensar® model RV3090A includes 20' of 75 ohm coaxial cable, 6' TV set cord, mounting hardware and a white on/off power supply switch. Switch has +12VDC receptacle, built-in two-way splitter for second TV outlet, a convenient power-on/off indicator light and cable TV input. For exterior RV TV/cable outlet, order WA or WT series weatherproof outlets. Standard elevating tubes 36", includes RV-7042 power supply.


Height lowered 4"

Height raised 40"

Width antenna only 4.75"/TD>

Length antenna including elements 45.5"

Impedance 75 ohm

Amplifier Gain VHF 15.5 dB average

UHF 19.5 dB average

Power required 12 VDC at 85 mA

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