RV Fuse Block Add-On Circuit Taps

 RV Fuse Block Add-On Circuit Taps
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Product Description

ATO Tapa Circuit™

Fuse Block Add-On Circuit Taps

Adds power circuits for accessories without cutting or splicing.

Tapa Circuit® fuse holders let you easily add a circuit. Simply plug them into any occupied or vacant fuse slot and instantly gain another circuit! Both the new and existing circuits are also protected.

Made in USA of hardened brass in compliance with ISO-9000 international standards.

Tapa-Circuit With Dual Fuse Holder

Turns one fuse slot into two.

Plugs into occupied or vacant energized fuse block slot.

Provides one fuse holder to protect existing circuit, and a second fuse holder to protect new circuit. 10-amp rating at 12 volts.

16-gauge lead for new circuit is 5" long; includes insulated crimp-type coupler.

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