DIRECT SOFA CONTROL MODEL 200 Intellitec # 00-00375-000

DIRECT SOFA CONTROL MODEL 200 Intellitec # 00-00375-000
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Product Description

This control is no longer available. It can be repaired. Please call us at 1-844-9RV-PART (972-7278) for details

The MONOPLEX SOFA CONTROLS, are intended for use in conversion vehicles to control the operation of a two-way or four-way, slide-recline power sofa. They allow easy wiring of multiple switches and provide electronic shutdown at the end of travel to prevent annoying circuit breaker or fuse openings.

The MONOPLEX System requires only one light-gauge wire and ground to connect the mutliple switches. The control is normally located near or on the sofa so the motor wires can be easily connected. A single 12 gauge wire feeds power to the control from the fuse block.

To operate the sofa, a switch is pressed and held in the direction of the function desired (slide forward or back, or recline up or down). After the sofa has reached its desired position, the switch is released. If the switch is held until the sofa reaches its mechanical stop, the control will automatically shut off the power. This feature also prevents damage to the sofa if it is operated with someone sitting on it.

Very much like the 00-00306-000 sofa controller, except it only controls 1 motor (slide or recline). Replacement Switch Part# 00-00299-000 Connectors are (1) three pin inline and (1) two pin inline. Also has current adjustment. Warranty Terms: 1 Year

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