Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector
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Product Description

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detector

The new Atwood Battery Powered CO Alarm incorporates sophisticated electronic components to protect you and your family from the dangers of Carbon Monoside (CO).

Multiple Location A picture frame leg allows you to use the CO Gas Alarm at multiple locations. Ideal for locating the CO source or for additional security when sleeping in another room.

Safety Feature The Atwood CO Gas Alarm cover is designed with a safety feature that makes it difficult to close the cover without batteries in the unit. This helps to prevent the alarm from being mounted without power.

Fuel Cell Technology The new electrochemical sensor contains a proton conducting membrane which generates a current in the presence of CO. This current is measured; information is processed and then displayed on the alarm. The sensor is more accutate, uses less current and is less sensitive to humidity and other gases than competitive models. This technology was developed and patented by Atwood Mobile Products.

Digital Display Updates CO level readout every 30 seconds in 0-999 parts per million. This display also shows battery and sensor conditions.

Battery Operated The Atwood CO Gas Alarm uses three AA batteries. The easy opening cover gives fast access to the batteries.

Features Battery Operated Fuel Cell Sensor Loud Alarm and Digital Dispaly Long Battery and Sensor Life Picture Frame Leg Secure Wall Mounting Bracket This unit should be changed every 7 years for sensors to remain in good operating order.

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