COLOR LCD D. MONITOR W/CAM Zone Defense #ZD.322.1

COLOR LCD D. MONITOR W/CAM Zone Defense #ZD.322.1
Item# 210-ZD3221
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Product Description

Zone Defense introduces the “Zone Defense” Brand 5” Monitor built tough for the demands of our commercial customers. With a new digital display, this monitor will deliver crisper images than our “SYS” models along with the same rubberized coating that Zone Defense was first to bring to the market.

• 5 Year Warranty Available

• New touch panel control buttons

• Picture image may be adjusted for horizontal, vertical, mirror and normal viewing

• Built-in trigger switch to reverse, left, or right side camera views. No additional switch box to install!

• 7G Rating!

• New LED backlight on LCD panel for longer life!

• Multi-languages of display available: English, French, Spanish and more!

• Automatic illuminated control buttons

• Full function remote control

• Multiple video formats available: PAL/NTSC

• 13-Pin: 3 camera input

• Operates 10-32 volts

• Built-in speaker

What’s in the box: CAM.313C, Center or Fan Monitor Mount, Remote Control, AV and Power Supply Adapter Cables, 20 Meter Cable, Monitor Sun Shield, U-Bracket Monitor Mount, Angle Adjustment Screws, Manual

Optional Camera Configurations: All Zone Defense camera components are interchangeable.

This system can be arranged in multiple variations just by substituting or adding up to four cameras.

ZD.322.1.SH.4P - Shutter Camera System

ZD.322.1.CH - Heated Camera System

ZD.322.1.MS - Side Viewer System

ZD.322.1.LPB - License Plate System


Display component • 5" LCD monitor

Speaker • one 4.0cm round

Power supply • (10-32V)

Power consumption • about 5W

Outer dimensions

• 156mm(W) x 107mm(H) x 32(T) without flush mount;

• 185mm(W) x 120mm(H) x 82mm(T) with flush mount

Audio Output • 1W

Dot Pitch • 0.0529(H) x 0.1587(V)

Resolution • 640 x 3(RBG) x 480

Color Depth • 24 bit

Display Colors • 16.7M dithering

Contrast • 500:1

Brightness • 200cd/m2

Viewing Angle: • U:50 degrees /D:70 degrees, R/L:70 degrees /70 degrees

Operating Temp • -20 degrees c ~+70 degrees c, RH 90%

Storage Temp • -30 degrees c ~+80 degrees c, RH 90%

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