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Parallax 4400 Series 45 Amp Converter-Charger 4445 A new standard in deck mount converters! The 4400 series is available in 35, 45 or 55 amp models with or without TempAssure temperature compensation. TCRU upgrades featuring TempAssure are available for ALL Magnetek and Parallax Power Supply Power Centers. All models ending in TC include Temp Assure.

Parallax, the leader in proven RV power, introduces the next generation of electronic converter/chargers: ParaMode™ 4400 Series.

ParaMode’s streamline, modular design represents a bold, new direction for deck-mount converters. The lightweight unit provides battery charging options never before available. These charging options can be added to ParaMode while not requiring additional space. The modular concept allows ParaMode to meet the growing needs of RV’ers, while remaining space-efficient.

ParaMode is constructed of rugged steel to provide long-term durability. A high efficiency, temperature-controlled fan ensures reliability. The ultra-clean, filtered DC power produced by ParaMode is ideal for battery charging and powering today’s sophisticated RV amenities.

TempAssure - Enables ParaMode Battery Charging to compensate for temperature conditions.

From the Arizona desert to the New England coast, RVs have a need for reliable battery charging. However, varying temperature conditions can affect charging performance. Hotter temperatures ideally call for lower charge voltages and higher voltages are best in colder temperatures. The TempAssure™ sensor module, an optional feature available for ParaMode, automatically senses ambient temperature and adjusts the ParaMode’s charge voltage accordingly.

TempAssure is an unprecedented breakthrough in the RV converter market and an example of how Parallax is developing the most innovative RV power products available.


Length: 11"

Width: 8-3/8"

Height: 3-5/8"

Weight: 6.5 lbs

Wide range of amperage outputs

Reverse polarity fuses

External connectors

Meets or exceeds listing requirements for use in an RV.

No breakers included.

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