40 Amp, 12 to 24 Volt Converter

40 Amp, 12 to 24 Volt Converter
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Product Description

40 Amp, 12 to 24 Volt Converter


DC-DC Converters & Battery Equalizers Pure Reliable Power

Special Design Features may include:

Low standby current drain - typically 5mA or less.

-40 to +85C operating temperature at full current - derated at higher temperatures.

Thermally protected for over temperature conditions.

Short circuit and over current protected.

Reverse polarity protected - all conditions.

Over voltage/low voltage protected.

Will continuously stand up to 100 VDC.

Loss of ground protected.

Low EMI - some models meet CE standards and some models MIL 461 standards.

Operating input voltage range from 18-42 VDC negative ground.

Shock and vibration resistant.

Completely environmentally sealed and encapsulated. Operates at better than 85-95% efficiency.

Units can be paralleled for greater ouptut capacity. The primary function of the Sure Power Battery Equalizer is to maintain battery balance or "equalization charge" in a predominantly 24V system that requires clean, regulated 12V power. The Sure Power battery equalizer can deliver up to 40 amps of continuous clean 12V current for practically any 12V load ranging from fare bosex, destination boards, two way radios, transmission controls, to engine controls and lighting.


Input Voltage 12 VDC

Function Equalizer Top Charger

Special Features Igniton Activated 40 Amp ouput with Intergrated Power Combiner


Frequency: 60 Hz


Voltage: 24 VDC

Current: 40 Amps

Charge Rate Up To: 40 Amps

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