250 Amp Schottky Dual Battery Isolator

250 Amp Schottky Dual Battery Isolator
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Product Description

250 Amp Schottky Dual Battery Isolator

Vanner battery isolators allow dual batteries to be charged from a single power source such as an alternator or battery charger. Due to the isolator's ability to pass current in only one direction, either battery can be discharged without it drawing power from one another. For example, a typical vehicle system may use one battery dedicated to the engine (starter, ignition, etc.) and the other battery dedicated to a DC to AC inverter. With the engine running, the alternator batteries. With the engine off, the DC to AC inverter could operate, discharging its battery. However, due to the blocking effect of the battery isolator, power would not be taken from the engine's battery, keeping it fully charged.


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Isolator Type Schottky

Current Rating Alternator Output 250 Amps

Current Rating Per Isolator Leg 200 Amps

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