120VAC DPDT 30 AMP White Rodgers Relay #R0411A30-120

120VAC DPDT 30 AMP White Rodgers Relay #R0411A30-120
Item# 12-R0411A30-120
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Product Description

DPDT Contact Form, 30 A , R04 Series Heavy Duty Open Frame Relay

Screw terminals

Long life contacts

Molded plastic barrier insulation

Continuous duty cycle

Molded nylon bobbin coil


Screw Terminals

Long Life Contacts

Molded Plastic Barrier Insulation

Molded Nylon Bobbin Coil

Electrical Specifications

Operating Time: 40 mS or Less

Release Time: 30 mS or Less

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Operating Temperature: 30 to +50C

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